A Video Database: The Easiest Way To Keep Your Subcontractors Certified

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A Video Database: The Easiest Way To Keep Your Subcontractors Certified

23 October 2018
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Subcontractors fill an important niche within the construction industry. These tradesmen specialize in a specific area of the construction process. This specialization allows a subcontractor to provide skilled labor that contributes to the stability and function of a finished construction project.

Keeping all of your subcontractors certified can be a challenging task. Thanks to the popularity of how-to videos, you can manage the certifications of your subcontractors with ease.

Comprehensive Database

As a general contractor, you can invest in access to a comprehensive subcontractor certification database of how-to videos that are designed to help you achieve your goals. These databases make it easy to get your subcontractors certified.

The database can be access at any time. This gives your subcontractors the flexibility to complete certification training when they have time in their schedules- a luxury that traditional classroom certification cannot offer.

Diverse Learning Styles

Using a how-to video database to help your subcontractors stay certified allows you to cater to multiple learning styles. Classroom instruction is usually geared toward verbal learners. Subcontractors sit through lectures and are expected to absorb vital information.

Subcontractors often choose to work with their hands because they are no verbal learners. How-to videos provide both verbal and visual aids to assist in information retention. A video allows subcontractors to watch important repairs being completed so that they can better implement these repair techniques into their own day-to-day work activities.


Perhaps the greatest benefit that subcontractors can enjoy when using a how-to video database to assist in certification is the ability to repeat important lessons. With classroom learning, the only way to access information a second time is to retake the entire certification course.

How-to videos can be paused, rewound, and replayed to ensure maximum information retention. This gives a subcontractor control over his or her learning process. Many contractors feel more prepared to tackle certification examinations after using a how-to video database to learn important skills and access vital industry information.

Up-to-date certifications are required for all subcontractors working with your construction company. Without current certifications, a subcontractor could be a serious liability to your company.

Invest in access to a how-to video database designed specifically with subcontractor certification in mind. The database will enhance the skill and knowledge of your subcontractors and help you avoid any potential legal snafus that might arise as a result of improperly certified subcontractors being employed by your construction company.