4 Tips for Putting "You" In Your U-Shaped Kitchen Remodel

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4 Tips for Putting "You" In Your U-Shaped Kitchen Remodel

2 November 2016
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Remodeling a kitchen in an existing home can mean working with the shape you already have. But,you can still have a lot of success and make a beautiful, efficient work area by making smart choices. Here are four tips any homeowner can use.

Rethink Upper Cabinets. If the kitchen is limited in size, you may be tempted to try to add storage and increase its functionality by stacking upper cabinets as much as you can. However, reducing the use of upper cabinets can make the space seem much more open, large, and inviting. Instead, use custom base cabinets to better utilize the lower cabinet space and add wide and open countertops for more work space. 

Create a Dine-in Area. Medium size, U-shaped kitchens can be made much more inviting by adding a built-in breakfast or dining area. Add a peninsula—without lower or upper cabinets—and surround it with a few stools or chairs that fit easily underneath the counter top. Your family may find that this is one of the most used aspects of the home in no time at all.

Create Stations. Designing "stations" into your kitchen layout may help keep traffic to a minimum and make a U shape feel more efficient. For example, adding a cleaning station that encompasses the sink, garbage, and dishwasher along the back or outside wall can help make cleanup easier and allow multiple cooks to work in the kitchen at the same time. Similarly, placing the pantry and refrigerator on the same wall near each other creates a "food station" that minimizes steps when preparing meals. Finally, create a "cooking station" by placing plenty of useful counterspace on both sides of the stove.

Add Smart Storage. Modern cabinetry options help make kitchens more functional. Slide-out cabinets keep the trash bin and recycling out of sight and out of the way. Narrow, divided shelving can be perfect storage spaces for cutting boards, bakeware, and small appliances that otherwise might take up space on the countertop. Utilize all your cabinets by opting for pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, wire baskets, hanging organizers, and dedicated spice-rack drawers. 

You can revitalize any U-shaped kitchen by knowing how to plan the layout to increase efficiency and keep family members from tripping over each other while working. And the result will be a kitchen area that everyone will love and use for years to come. 

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