Answers For Routine Residential Elevator Questions

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Answers For Routine Residential Elevator Questions

21 November 2016
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Mobility problems can be a terrible issue for a person to develop. In addition to making it difficult to leave the home, this problem can make it almost impossible for individuals to navigate homes with stairs. To help prevent this from inhibiting a person's ability to use their home, it may be beneficial to install a residential elevator system, which may make it necessary to be informed about a couple of routinely asked questions about this upgrade.

What Is Involved With Installing A Home Elevator System?

The process of installing a residential elevator can be somewhat complicated. This is due to the need to make structural changes to the home. For example, the frame for the elevator will need to be installed. This frame will need to go from the basement of the house to the top floor. In the basement, there will need to be a specially designed pit for the elevator system. This pit contains the shock absorbers as well as the hydraulics for the elevator.

Before these upgrades can be made to your home, it will be necessary to obtain a permit authorizing this work. Failure to have a permit for adding an elevator can expose you to the risk of expensive fines as well as the potential of voiding your insurance policy. As part of the permitting process, some communities will require the finished elevator to be inspected to verify that it complies with the various building codes of the community.

Will A Home Elevator System Work When The Power Goes Out?

There are some homeowners that may be concerned about the prospects of getting trapped in the elevator. In particular, some people will be concerned about what happens if there is a power outage while the elevator is being used. While a power outage may instantly cause many of your home's electronic devices to stop working, elevator systems are equipped with backup battery systems that will take over once a power outage is detected.

Mobility issues to not have to cause you to abandon the upper floors of your home. For those suffering from this problem, a home elevator system can be a great way of ensuring that every floor of the home can be easily accessed. By appreciating the various steps of installing these systems as well as the fact that battery backup systems will prevent power outages from leaving you stranded in the elevator, you can be better prepared to undertake this upgrade to your property. For more information, contact a company like Home Elevator of Dallas.