Want To Save On Carpet Cleaning? 3 Simple Things To Add To Your Home

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Want To Save On Carpet Cleaning? 3 Simple Things To Add To Your Home

29 November 2016
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Cleaning your home is something that you can handle on a regular basis, but you will benefit from the occasional deep cleaning. A carpet stain might be too difficult to get out, even if you treat it as soon as you find it. Or, you might notice that your vacuum is not doing the trick to reach down to the fibers. Carpet cleaning service is a worthy expense that can extend the lifespan of your carpet. Since you may need to get this cleaning to stay eligible for your carpet's warranty, it is an easy decision and expense. But, you should still make use of chances to save on this service by investing in preventive measures.

Window Screens

Dirt, dust, bugs, and other things will get in your home without window screens. As soon as you open the windows, the standard wear and tear that the carpet endures will increase. It will stay this way until you close them at night, and it may be a cycle that you go through nearly every day. A small cost of around $38 is worth getting screens on the windows all throughout your home. You can even get ones that are resistant to cat claw damage if you happen to own cats and know they like scratching.

Screen Doors

Another addition that you should consider is screen doors at the home entrances. This will give you an extra layer of protection to the inside of your home. When you open the front door, you are inviting dust inside, but having a screen door prevents this from happening so easily. Having to go through two doors to get into the home will also force your feet onto the door mat a little more than normal. It may not make a huge difference, but it can lead to getting more dirt and grime off your shoes.

Floor Mats

It is worth adding floor mats to several places in the house. The whole front entryway and even the back door can benefit from a mat designed to withstand the elements. Even ones that are just like a rug can help, as they will stop your carpet from picking up the dirt and grime from outside. Adding them along the highest traffic areas, such as the top and bottom of the stairway will also make a difference.

With these new additions, you can greatly reduce dirt and dust buildup, which will ultimately lead to a reduced need for carpet cleaning and overall savings by not having to get this service as often.