3 Questions To Ask Your Contractor Before You Hire Them

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3 Questions To Ask Your Contractor Before You Hire Them

30 November 2016
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Building your own house can be incredibly exciting. Many people look forward to the time when they will be able to tailor their house to fit their exact needs. One of the most important parts of getting the house that you want is hiring the right contractor. Before you hire anyone to work on your house you need to have a thorough interview process. Here are a couple things you should be asking before you hire a contractor.

Can I Meet The Foreman?

When you meet with the contractor you may be surprised at how well you get along. You may feel like they are easy to get along with and you share the same vision. This is great, and is the first step to finding the right contractor, but you shouldn't underestimate the important of getting along with the foreman or the superintendent. When it comes to the day-to-day operations you will be working with the superintendent more than you will the actual contractor. If you can't get along with the foreman or you find that they are hard to communicate with, or don't share your same vision, you may need to reconsider the contractor.

Is The Estimate Final?

It would be great if you could build a house without worrying about the money, and some people might be able to, but in the majority of cases the money plays a large role. When you meet with a contractor you will tell them what you want in a house and they will give you a bid on the house. They will essentially tell you how much they will charge to build the house you want. This bid should include both labor and materials. Before you commit to anything you need to make sure that the price is final, or at the very least understand that the price may vary. You could be in big trouble if you have a strict budget and you fail to get a final price in writing.

What Consequences Are There If You Go Past The Timeline?

Getting a timeline is essential to the house building process. If you don't get something in writing you could become severely delayed. This is why it is best to start knowing what to expect with the timeline and what kinds of consequences there will be for delays. Will there be discounts, lawsuits, or anything else? These are important questions to ask to make sure that you are getting the right contractor for you.