Buying New Kitchen Cabinets? 3 Things To Consider

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Buying New Kitchen Cabinets? 3 Things To Consider

10 December 2016
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If you are in the process of buying new kitchen cabinets, here are three things you need to consider while you go through the buying process.

#1 Purchase Certified Cabinets

When you search for new cabinets for your home, you should purchase cabinets that have been certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. Cabinets that have this certification on it have been tested in the lab to ensure that they can survive the wear and tear that they will be subjected to in most kitchens. For example, various products are spilled on them, such as ketchup, coffee, and vinegar, to make sure that these common food items that may get spilled on the cabinets over the course of a typical kitchen cabinet's lifetime. They also expose the cabinets to different temperature ranges to test how the wood handles as well. Any cabinet that carries the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association certification has passed rigorous testing that shows that the cabinets should be able to last under normal wear-and-tear conditions for years.

#2 Consider How Wood Coloring Affects The Feel Of The Room

Second, make sure that you take into consideration the size and layout of your room, and how the type of wood that you purchase will affect the overall feeling of the room. Woods that are lighter in color, such as maple and oak, will make your kitchen feel larger and they will also make your kitchen feel brighter. Woods that are darker in color, such as mahogany and cherry, will provide your kitchen with a more dramatic effect and will make the space feel cozy. If you have a very small kitchen space, lighter wood is the best option to open up the space. If you have a big space for your kitchen, you can install dark wood cabinets without compromising how large your kitchen feels while adding a touch of class.

#3 Think About How You'll Use The Space

Finally, think carefully about the appliances and items that you keep stored in your kitchen and the items that you would like to add to your kitchen in future years. You don't just have to go with barebones cabinets, there are lots of different customization options you can add to your cabinets to make them easier to use and more functional for your lifestyle.

For example, you can have shelving installed so that they roll-out and extend, making it easier for you to grab items that are located in the back. You can have your drawers created with custom dividers. You can have open storage systems for wine or for fine china built to display these items. 

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