Child-Friendly Custom Home Tips

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Child-Friendly Custom Home Tips

12 January 2017
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If you have kids or are hoping for grandkids, then you will want to keep them in mind when it comes to your home. When planning your custom home, make sure you include a few features that make it more child-friendly. The following are a few ideas you may want to incorporate.

Opt for an open plan

For most families the kitchen and the living room are the most used rooms. In fact, the kids are often left to play in the living area while mom or dad is in the kitchen. Opt for an open plan that allows you to keep an eye on the kids while you are cooking or tending to kitchen work. If you really want a closed off kitchen, then consider having a sliding panel installed that allows you to close off the kitchen when desired, but still gives you the option of a more open plan when necessary.

Have a mudroom

You may assume that your kids will always remember to wipe their feet or take off their shoes at the door, but it's better to be prepared. A mud room off the laundry room, back patio, or garage entrance will work wonders to keep your home clean. Consider having built-in cubbies and hooks added to make it easier to shed wet or dirty items upon entering the home. You may even want to have a small mop sink placed near the floor to hose off boots (or even wash the dog).

Design modular closets

A modular closet will be much more useful and easy to keep organized. This design will use a multitude of shelves, clothing rods, and hooks to organize clothing and other items. Unlike a true built-in system, though, you will have the ability to move the shelves and rods around. This means you can place clothing rods low for young children, and then raise them as they grow.

Install kickboard steps

The kickboard is that strip of trim, usually a couple of inches tall, that is placed between lower cabinets and the floor. Instead of opting for a kickboard and effectively wasting that space beneath the cabinet, have a solid piece of wood installed instead. This wood will slide out, making an instant stool so kids can better reach the sink to wash their hands or brush their teeth. Then, they can slide it back under the cabinet and out of the way so that it doesn't trip up the adults in the house.

For more child-friendly ideas, talk to a custom home builder.