Different Types Of Contractors

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Different Types Of Contractors

12 March 2019
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You want to learn all about contractors and the different types there are out there. This way, when you need something done, you know right away who it is that you should call. Here is a short guide to some of the different type of contractors that are available to handle all different types of construction jobs.

What is a general contractor?

A general contractor is a contractor who will be the lead person on a construction site or job site. If you need to have something done at your home, or you are having something built, then you are going to work with the general contractor. They will become involved with you through a contract that dictates the specifics of the job and specifies each party's obligations and responsibilities. The general contractor is going to serve as the person in charge of everything that is going on with that particular job. The reason for calling someone a general contractor is because they can take care of many types of jobs, either with their own crew or by hiring out.

What is a sub-contractor?

A sub-contractor is the person who gets hired by the general contractor that you have hired. This sub-contractor will be involved in their own contract that is between them and the contractor that hired them to help fulfill the job requirements. A good example of the relationship between you, the general contractor, and the sub-contractor would be you hiring the general contractor to completely remodel your living room.

The general contractor may have their crew take care of some of the work and then hire a subcontractor to come in and take care of installing the carpet, and the contractor might then hire another to take care of the painting. Therefore, while a sub-contractor may be working on your home, you will be dealing with the contractor you hired, and they will deal with the contractor they hired. Sub-contractors can be everyone from electrical contractors and plumbing contractors to roofing contractors and painting contractors, as well as everything in between.

What is a commercial contractor?

A commercial contractor is a contractor that takes on commercial or industrial, jobs. If you are going to be having a warehouse, office space, or retail shop built, then you are going to hire a commercial contractor. Again, this contractor will then hire sub-contractors to help get the job completed. The sub-contractors need to answer to the commercial contractor, who will be dealing directly with you.