Want To Install A Roof For Your Upscale Home? Why Consider Slate Roofing

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Want To Install A Roof For Your Upscale Home? Why Consider Slate Roofing

28 September 2021
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The many benefits that slate roofs offer make most contractors consider them as the gold standard of roofing materials. The roofing material offers countless benefits to homeowners. They are so reliable that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars more for a home roofed with the material. Slate comes from sedimentary rocks that have gone through a metamorphosis. If you are thinking about choosing slate as your roofing material, ensure that you consult a competent contractor to help you understand its installation process, price, and all other characteristics. Here are other benefits to expect from slate roofs. 

Last Over a Hundred Years

Most people think that the ideal roofing material serves them for two to three decades. Slate roofing meets and exceeds that standard because it can function for up to one hundred years. Since the tiles come from natural stones that have been derived from the earth, they can withstand any manner of environmental pressure. The stones have existed for many years and gone through compression, heating, water, and other processes. Therefore, when you install and care for them well, you can even get a hundred and fifty years of service from the roof. 

Boost the Resale Value of the Home

Buying a home is an investment that should become more valuable as you grow older. One of the factors that determine the resale value is the quality of the roof. Slate roofs do not experience as much weather and environmental damage as other roofing materials. They are also unique and attractive. Many prospective homeowners would not mind paying more when the residential property has a unique and durable roofing material. Therefore, when you invest in a slate roof, you are raising the value of your property.

Friendly to the Environment

It is wise to always think about the effect that your roofing material has on the environment. Slate comes from naturally extracted materials from the earth. Very little processing goes into making it the finished product installed on houses. It can last for more than a century and is reusable once removed. Slate is better than asphalt shingles, which you have to take to the dumpsite after removal. It does not contain non-biodegradable elements like fiberglass. It is excellent for keeping the environment green.

People shy away from installing slate roofs because they don't do an objective cost-benefit analysis of the material. While slate roofs will cost a little more to install, their maintenance price and durability give you perfect returns for the investment.

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