Reasons You Shouldn't Use DIY Chemical Cleaners On Blocked Drains

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Reasons You Shouldn't Use DIY Chemical Cleaners On Blocked Drains

17 May 2022
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As a homeowner, there may come a time when your drain has a clog. Since clearing your drain can be time-consuming, you may be tempted to do a rush job and purchase various drain cleaning products to try out. While many of these products claim that they can clean your clog out in minutes, they may not be as effective as you think. Read on to learn a few reasons these chemicals aren't a great choice:

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Highly Toxic

Most drain cleaners you'll find in your local store contain harmful chemicals. This is designed to ensure that the clog breaks down easily. Therefore, when you use these substances, they can cause serious damage to your plumbing and fittings over time. It's advisable not to use this product at all but instead hire a professional to clean your drains to avoid irreparable damage to your plumbing lines.

They Can be Harmful to Users

When using chemical products to clear your drain, you put yourself at the risk of inhaling chemical substances. Additionally, these chemicals may irritate your eyes and cause various respiratory complications if you're exposed to them. They may even cause serious rashes and burns if they get in contact with your skin. Besides this, wearing gloves as protection may not always be effective, and chemicals may spray into your hands as you plug the drain to remove the clog.

You May Not Solve Your Problem Even With Cleaning

One of the things you should know about chemical drain cleaners is that they'll only work with the part of clog they get in contact with. Therefore, as they break down your clog, the drain cleaner will move down, leaving part of the blockage behind. This means that you're most likely going to continue dealing with the clog weeks after using the chemical cleaner. Consequently, you may continue to spend money purchasing more cleaners, further damaging your pipes.

Chemicals Cleaners Aren't Good For The Environment

It's not advisable to use chemical cleaners because they aren't good for the environment. When you use chemical cleaners, they sink into the soil and groundwater. This is harmful to plants and your entire household as well, especially if you use groundwater. For your health's sake, it's best that a plumber perform your drain cleaning.

Regardless of how well you maintain your plumbing system, you'll likely face the problem of clogs at some point. You need to call a drain cleaning expert rather than use chemical cleaners when this happens. This guide has explored why you shouldn't use such products, and professionals in drain cleaning can address any concerns you may have. For more information on plumbing, contact a company like Platinum Contracting, LLC.