Cleaning Your Home's Chimney

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Cleaning Your Home's Chimney

17 February 2023
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As winter approaches, many rely on their fireplaces to keep their homes warm and cozy. However, The chimney for their fireplace requires regular maintenance for safe and efficient operation. In fact, a dirty chimney can pose severe risks to your home and family.

What Are The Dangers Of Not Sweeping Your Chimney? 

A dirty chimney is a serious safety hazard that can cause harm to your family and your home. Creosote accumulations are a substantial hazard that comes with a dirty chimney. This material is highly flammable, which can lead to a major fire starting. Unfortunately, chimney fires can rapidly spread throughout the rest of the home. Poor ventilation from a dirty chimney can cause carbon monoxide to be unable to exit the house, leading to dangerous accumulations of this gas in the home.

How Do You Know When A Chimney Needs Sweeping?

It can be challenging to know when your chimney needs to be swept. For this reason, it is best to sweep the chimney regularly to prevent accumulations from forming. However, there can be some warning signs that the chimney may need to be cleaned. One of the most obvious is a foul odor coming from the chimney. This odor is due to the large amounts of creosote and debris that could be lining the chimney walls. When the humidity is high, this odor may be more noticeable due to condensation forming on it.

How Can Chimney Sweeping Extend The Chimney's Lifespan?

Regular chimney sweeping can help extend the lifespan of your chimney by preventing or mitigating damage caused by creosote buildup and other issues. Creosote is highly acidic, and this causes severe damage to the chimney liner. Eventually, the brittleness may cause the chimney liner to develop cracks. Once a crack forms, carbon monoxide, and fire can spread to the home's interior. Cleaning the chimney regularly mitigates this wear, which helps the chimney liner last for as long as possible.

What Can You Expect When Your Chimney Is Swept?

During a chimney sweeping appointment, a professional inspects and cleans your chimney to remove any residue, creosote, or other debris. The entire process typically takes about an hour or two, but this varies based on the size of your chimney. Before sweeping, these contractors seal the fireplace to stop any falling ash or residue from entering the home's interior. After the chimney's interior has been cleaned, a thorough liner inspection is performed to look for cracks or other obvious issues.

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