Tips For Painting Exterior Brick On Your Commercial Building

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Tips For Painting Exterior Brick On Your Commercial Building

29 June 2023
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Do you have a commercial building that has seen better days, and you want to restore its beauty by painting the brick? Unfortunately, this task is a bit harder than painting the interior walls of your home. Here are a few tips that will help you paint the exterior brick so that it looks great!


You need to properly prepare the bricks before you start painting. This will involve using a brush to remove debris from the surface. You can't paint over loose debris, because it will fall off immediately and cause the paint job to look bad. You should also use a high-quality primer so that the paint has a surface to adhere to.

Color Selection

There are many things to consider when selecting a color for the brick. Be aware that dark colors are going to absorb heat, which cannot be avoided with exterior brick. This can cause your building to get hotter than it would if you used a lighter color. 

It can also be helpful to test colors because they may look different when they are applied to the brick and you see them with the texture and shadows that are cast on the uneven surface. Try painting samples on a small section of the brick.

It's a good idea to use an acrylic latex paint on exterior brick. It has great durability for a paint that will be exposed to various weather conditions, which is a property you won't find with other types of paint. 

Paint Application

Roller brushes can be used to apply the paint and get it into the various mortar joints on the surface. In fact, you may even want to try focusing on the mortar first and the paint over the surface of the brick afterward. Work in small sections, and apply a thin coat of paint rather than a thick coat. This helps with adhesion and will create a more professional look.

A thin coat of paint also helps preserve the texture of the brick, which may not be seen if you apply too much paint. Another way to preserve the texture is to use a more semi-transparent formula of paint so that the subtle color can still show through.

Feel like you're not confident and up to the task of painting your building's exterior brick? Hire a commercial exterior painting company to take care of your painting job.